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CUPSULE BEVERAGE MANUFACTURE SDN. BHD. is a Coffee, Cocoa and Tea raw material producer which functioned as a professional import-export trader and also involved in manufacturing product developing Coffee, Cocoa and Tea raw material cultivation. Fifteen years of constant excellence innovation has contributed to the development of more than hundreds of varieties Coffee, Cocoa and Tea drinking recipes, wherein the raw material which contained Coffee, Chocolate, Traditional Tea Leaves, Plants and Flowers, Fresh Fruits, Healthy Herbs, Grains and more.

Compilation of beverage drinking habits from Italy, China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and America, this new and unique style of Coffee, Cocoa and Tea culture can enrich your taste buds and also improve your drinking interest and level.

Our Chairman

Dato’ Paduka Hj. Mohammad Mat Hassan Bin Esa

YBhg. Dato’ Paduka is an experienced corporate figure in Malaysia and he was entrusted with leading number of government holding companies (GLCs), as below:

Senior General Manager
– Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)

Chief Executive Officer
– Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB)
– Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS)
– International Zakat Organization (IZO)

The origin of Cupsule

At the end of 2014, Cupsule Research & Development team began to realise the future trend of “Single Serve” coffee and tea products. To produce a suitable single serve coffee and tea, Cupsule has experienced a long period of  product exploration.

Based on the analysis of consumer behaviour in Southeast Asia, Cupsule discovered that majority of the consumers prefer to buy large packets of coffee and tea. These products, when off packets, they are hard to be finished in a short time; freshness and aromas affected; difficult to be stored; affecting the warranty of the products, typically on hygiene and safety.

Most importantly, these packaging can cause a waste if the taste is not preferred among the consumers. Although these packaging have price advantage that they are more affordable in the market, they are, at the same time, ruined the consumer experience. This is considered as irresponsible towards our valued customers, market and resources.

Coffee Bag with Capsule

Henceforth, after a series of attempts of trying, like small bags, small cans, ready made, instant pack, teabags, hanging bags… not until 2015 when we first came into contact with coffee and tea cupsules, we finally realised the true meaning of “Single Serve”. Compared with other packaging, cupsules are at utmost convenience, easy-to-use and more suitable in today’s fast-paced society.

In regards to the coffee production, a tiny cupsule is flavourful, from Italian coffee to Barista coffee, perfectly fits into consumers’ needs. Furthermore, the advanced technology of nitrogen filling industry helps to preserve the aroma and freshness of coffee.

While in the tea production, the unique extraction technology of a cupsule machine, has effectively and accurately extracted the essence from tea leaves, upgrading an ordinary tea  to become multiple infusion tea.

Coftea Side View

The most amazing part is that, by just pressing “a single button”, consumers can sip a cup of professional made coffee and tea. As we all know, to brew a cup of Italian coffee or a kung fu tea is beyond the capability of an ordinary consumer, fine tools are particularly essential to reach the target of professionalism.

Therefore, despite the current situation in which cupsule has not gained much popularity in Malaysia, Cupsule is willing to invest and explore this field by providing the manpower, resources and financial support. Large-scale production and foreign advanced technology have even imported and introduced to guarantee product stability and quality.

Branding is the idea created by the industrialists, product is the soul of all, while the factory is the place of production.

The story behind Cupsule is to tell the consumers that the real experience of consumers is our main priority. We truly hope that the concept of a fresh single serve beverage can be experienced by majority of consumers.


Our Mission

Popularise the utilisation rate of smart beverage, upgrade the drinking quality standard among the consumers, ensure every household can easily own a complete set of smart beverage brewing equipment.


Our Vision

Promote freshly brewed and single serve beverage culture; develop high quality, safe, hygienic and healthy drink; provide quality and affordable product prices.

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