Beverage Varieties

Cupsule Series

We seek out only the finest quality coffee and tea around the world.
Each single serve beverage cupsule is freshness-sealed to preserve delicate aroma and flavour characteristic.

Coffee Series

The secret of cupsule coffee is derived from a mixture of six different coffee beans which are all high quality of Arabica beans from four main continents of coffee production. Undergo a carefully selection and roasting process, every cup of coffee is guaranteed to passionate the coffee lovers.

Chocolate Series

Chocolate cupsule is soft and smooth among others. The blend of luscious chocolate and dried fruits scents are perfectly suitable for chocolate lovers.

Tea Series

To produce a cup of tea, world famous specialty tea leaves are under a strict selection. It is indeed a ticklish taste buds drink that could let you experience the local distinctive taste.

Fruit Granules Series

These dried fruit granules are made by fine quality imported fresh fruits, through high-tech drying process. This is surely a healthy drinks for all ages.

Flowers & Herbs Series

Composed with vitamins enriched plant, include the flower, the leaves, the roots, the stems, the fruits and other parts. It is truly a natural healthy brewed tea after the drying process.

Regimen Herbal Series

Inherit the five thousand years of Ancient chinese regimen secrets, by preserving the traditional chinese medicine stewing technique, combining with the high-tech R & D, transformed into cupsule for better sipping.

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