A Professional Beverage Machine

Profee Feature

By preserving the traditional Barista concept and combining with a superior quality and professional technology, beverages are freshly brewed and perfectly served in hot or cold in great volume needs at a single touch. Given the very best user-experience, serving multiple people at-a-time process is not a problem at all. Milk from milk reservoir can be automatically frothed into selection of beverages, making beverages smoother and tastier.

Zero Barista knowledge is required, with just one simple touch, you can be your own Barista with Profee. Cupsule coffee brewed from Profee can definitely shock the coffee lovers with its true taste of Barista coffee even without the grinding process.

Preparation is easy and you will be at utmost convenience. Taste is surely guaranteed. The coffee lovers will be amazed to experience a perfect custom cup in style.

  • Water Tank Capacity: 3.2 Litre
  • Used Cupsules Container Capacity: 30 cupsules x 2 containers
  • Brewing Quantity: 50 cups
  • Cup Mode: 25ml / 60ml / 110ml
  • Pump Pressure: 20-bar
  • Heat-up Time: 30 seconds
  • Energy Saving Mode: 15 minutes
  • Alarm Function: Failure safety function
  • Maximum Output Wattage: 3,500 watt
  • Power: AC220-240V
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Dimension: 480 (W) x 540 (L) x 430 (H) mm
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