Intelligence Coffee Reseller


2017 Most Anticipated MicroBusiness Projects


The arrival of the business model without buying any expensive “Coffee Brewing Machine” !!!

The emergence of an affordable price of a cup of ESPRESSO that costs only “50 cents” !!!

A business opportunity that sold over than A Billion Dollars  globally.

一个不再需要购买昂贵 “咖啡冲泡设备” 的商业模式已经来临 !!!

一杯意式浓缩咖啡只是区区 “50仙” 的全民价格已经诞生 !!!

一项全球售量超过十几亿美金的商机 !!!

There must be someone around you who adores“STARBUCKS”Coffee

Be it your Family, Buddy, Friend, Follower, Colleague, Boss or Customer…

It is believe that they would rather to have a “FREE” home brewing equipment instead.

And you are the right ANGEL who is responsible for fulfilling their wish!

您身边总有个喜欢喝 “星巴克” 咖啡的


相信他们更希望能 “免费” 拥有一台在家冲泡的设备


Our Advantage


You need not have to  join any seminar…

We send you the details you need through internet directly…

Easy operation, Fast programming, Automated system…

Victory or defeat is on the hand of the speed in this fast moving Era !!!




在这个年代… 速度决定胜负 !!!

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