Why Cupsule Machine ?

Machine Structure


Simple one touches operation

For a mellow moment

Lift the handle, insert the capsule into the handle, with just one single button,
an aromatic beverage can be freshly brewed in few seconds.

One Touch

The Machine Work Flow

The machine brewing technique

Safety Relief Device

Safety Relief Device

When the internal parts of machine is over-pressured, the pressure relief valve will be automatically turned on to balance the internal pressure and finally to protect the user safety.

19 Bar Pump

A rapid release of the aroma

A ULKA professional technology of 19-Bar high-pressure pump imported from Italy, combining with fast heating technology and consistent extraction system, which equivalent to a total of 10 pressure cookers.

19-bar Pump
Used Capsule Container

Intelligent Design

For easy operation and cleaning

One touches operation, cup selections, and LED light display, make the operation a breeze. The used capsules container and drip tray can be easily removed for easy cleaning. The flexible design of cup holder can be adjusted according to the size of the cup.

Tasting the Differences

With variety strength of choices

Every person has their own preferences on the strength of coffee. By adapting the latest coffee extraction system, ranging from…

Cup Mode

Cup mode to reach the variety tastes of coffee.

Tasting The Different

Fit into Variety Brands

of beverage capsules

Variety brand

In collaborate with enormous capsule brands from Worldwide, a high quality beverage capsules are selected and imported. Their beverage capsules quality is strictly controlled under worldwide quality safety (QS). Besides, customers are free to choose over 100 different brands of capsules from all over the world to be used with this machine.

6 in 1 Combo

Intelligence Cupsule Machine

Cupsule machine is an intelligence machines,
where it is a combination of;

  1. Coffee Maker Machine
  2. Tea Maker Machine
  3. Regimen Stew Pot
  4. Thermos
  5. Kettle
  6. Milk Frother
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